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quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Associação de estudantes da Guidahll em Londres

Students' Union

The Guildhall School Students' Union actively represents students throughout their time at the School. Led by a full-time President, elected annually, the Union acts as a channel of communication between the student and staff bodies. In addition, the Union acts as a point of contact between students and relevant external bodies. From its office in the School, the Union offers advice on a wide range of topics, and can provide useful information on the Guildhall, its surrounding area, and student life.
The President of the Students' Union is a member of the School's Board of Governors and sits on the majority of School Committees with the many Student Representatives, who gather feedback from current students on all aspects of their experience at the School.
Alongside its representative function, the Union organises extra-curricular activities throughout the year and is at the centre of the Guildhall's social scene. These include some of the many Clubs and Societies that the School has to offer including Dance Fever, the Christian Union, Ukulele Circle and the increasingly successful Guildhall Football Team. Activities take place throughout the week both in School, and, if you fancy a football team tour, as far afield as Wales!The Union is also active in arranging a variety of social events, many of which are centered around the well established Basement Bar, located a stone's throw from the School in Sundial Court Halls of Residence. The bar is open every weeknight from 6pm. Starting with Freshers' Week at the beginning of term, the Union hosts a variety of events which include comedy nights, hypnotists, charity fundraisers, BBQs, UV raves and foam parties! Frequently organized by the Union, external events also play an important role in the Union's activities; with ski trips, picnics and theme park outings, having all proved to be popular with students in the past!
The Union is a member of the Association of London Colleges of Music (ALCOM) and the Association of London Colleges of Drama (ALCOD) who organise annual parties and collaboration between similar London institutions.
Affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Arts Group, the Union is constantly involved with National discussion involving the student movement, with particular reference to the Arts. It is also proud to offer all students the NUS card, providing discounts on books, CDs, cinema, theatre and concert tickets, clothes and much more.
The Union aims to make each student's time at the School the best it can possibly be, and strives for excellence in every aspect of student life.

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